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Helping each other to better know Christ, believe the Gospel, and love people


What are Gospel Communities?


The work of Christ Jesus on the cross and through the empty tomb not only forgave sins, and secured eternal life, it also created a new family.  The church is that family.  Gospel Community is where that reality comes to life.  It's a place where men. and women of all ages and from all walks of life gather together under the Gospel in order to follow Jesus (be disciples) and help others follow Jesus (make disciples).

Gospel Communities are a central rhythm here at Redeemer and we believe every Christ follower will benefit from being involved in one.

What's the difference between a Gospel Community and a small group or bible study?

It's true that Gospel Communities (GC's) are smaller gatherings of the church and that they are centered on the word of God, but Gospel Communities are far more than a smaller group or study.  They are not primarily a time or place, but a people.  GC's are meant to bring people together committed to living out the implications of the Gospel with each other.  GC's are meant to be people who pray for one another, who serve one another, who preach the Gospel to one another, and who remind each of the truth of who God is when our beliefs get clouded by the world around us and our circumstances.  

Small groups and bible studies are wonderful, but Gospel-formed community is essential for being disciples who make disciples.

So what do Gospel Communities do?

Gospel Communities are committed to living out the mission of the church (to be disciples who make disciples) in community.  They do this by encouraging and equipping each other to know Christ, believe the gospel and love people.  You can learn more about these rhythms of discipleship on our MISSION page, but in Gospel Communities we commit to helping people grow their relationship with Jesus through word, prayer, and being with the body of Christ (knowing Christ),  living out their identity as beloved, forgiven, declared righteous children of God (believing the Gospel), and obeying the command of Jesus to love others and share with them the good news of the Gospel.

Gospel Communities gather weekly for these things, but like all families, relationship continues outside of formal gatherings.  Gospel Communities continue on throughout the week through calls and texts, through gathering together for kids' sports games, or family activities, and being available to each other when help or encouragement,  or friendship is needed.

How do I get plugged in?

Right now we have Gospel Communities that are gathering on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with more Gospel Communities on the way.  If you'd like to visit a gospel community click on the link below and we will get you all the information you need about when and where our gospel communities are gathering this week.

I Want to Get Involved With a GC!