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The Gospel in Ruth

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The Gospel in Ruth

Our God works in miraculous ways. He speaks creation into existence, he rains bread from the sky, he appears as a tornado of fire, and he eventually pours himself into human flesh. God has often worked in ways so bold and loud it was impossible to miss. But, for most of us, the story of God’s work in our lives feel far more subtle, sometimes so much so we are prone to miss it. But our God, is a God of redemption and rescue, whether through loud and miraculous means or seemingly mundane. The biblical story of Ruth is an astounding tale of redemption and rescue, but instead of shocking miracles, God carries along his gracious plans through ordinary means and ordinary people whose faith and love show up in extraordinary ways. If you need to be reminded of God’s presence in your life, his plan for redemption and rescue, your central role in the lives of others, come and join us as we experience together the good news of the Gospel in Ruth.

May 15, 2022

Ruth 4:13-22

Pastor: Robert Livingston Series: The Gospel in Ruth Scripture: Ruth 4:13–22

May 8, 2022

Ruth 4:1-12

Pastor: Robert Livingston Series: The Gospel in Ruth Scripture: Ruth 4:1–12