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And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations."


Redeemer exists to be disciples who make disciples in Georgetown, by knowing Christ, beleiving the Gospel, and loving people

The Rhythms of Life in Christ

What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?  What does it mean to make disciples?  The life of Christ followers are meant to be marked by three core rhythms:

Knowing Christ

Our sin has seperated us from God, but the gift of the Gospel is that Jesus has come for us, has reconciled us to himself and now dwells in our midst through the Holy Spirit.  The Christian life is one lived with a increasing desire to know our savior.  We do this through prayer, through the study of God's word, through living life amongst the body of Christ which is the church and other spiritual disciplines.  Knowing Christ personally and what he has done for us doesn't just impact our eternity, it impacts every moment of every day.  

"Taste and see and know that the Lord is Good!"  That is the invitation to every disciple of Jesus.

Believing the Gospel

The Gospel is not just a set of historical truths, it is a person, Christ Jesus, and for us it is a new identity.  The work of Christ on the cross, not only forgave all of our sins (past, present, and future) but it also adopted us into God's family, it covered us with the perfect righteousness of Christ, and it guaranteed us a future where God will remove the power anbd presence of sin and doubt from our lives and be with us for all eternity.  

Our lives change when we recognize who we know are in Christ Jesus.  It is such an amazing truth!  But, the fullness of the Gospel is hard for us to believe.  We forget who God truly is, we forget who we now are, and instead of living lives as beloved children of God, we tend to live our lives more like orphans, or condemned enemies of God.  Believing the Gospel is a fight we engage in every day, and one we need others to help us with.

Loving People

The outflow of knowing Christ and believing the Gospel is a love for God and a love for people.  When we see God rightly, our natural response is to care for, serve, and reach for those made in His image.  When we see ourselves rightly, we are freed from the incessant need to love, protect, and provide for ourselves (because God has promised to do that for us) and instead we can turn our eyes and our hearts outward.  

That love takes many shapes and forms, from service, to simple friendship, but it culminates in sharing our lives and sharing the gospel with those around us who need it (that includes ourselves, other believers, and those who have never heard about Christ.)